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Barracuda Fender Tag Decode

340-S Fender Emblem (Click to enlarge)
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All Chrysler produced cars in 1969 had what is referred to as a Fender Tag. This is a metal plate that is screwed on to the inner fender of the engine compartment. The tag contains codes that identify all the factory options the car was built with. It also contains the original exterior and interior color codes and the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Vehicle Identification Number

The VIN was stamped into a metal tag on the dash visible from the outside of the car looking through the windshield. The VIN was also stamped on the Fender Tag. The numbers on this car's VIN decode as following:

VIN Code: BH29P9Bxxxxxx
Model Year: 1969
Car Line and Model: Plymouth - Barracuda
Price Class: High
Body Type: Two Door Sports Hardtop
Engine: 340 CID 1-4BBL, HP 8 CYL
Assembly Plant: Hamtrack, MI
Sequence Number: xxxxxx

The Sequence Number, which is part of the VIN, identifies this particular car. This number was also stamped on the radiator support, trunk gutter lip, fender tag, engine, and transmission. On this car all these numbers match so this is referred to as a "numbers matching car". However the original engine and transmission, with the correct numbers, are in storage; so technically those components would have to be reinstalled for the car to be numbers matching.

Option Codes

The following list shows the option codes on the fender tag and what those options represent. As you will see this car was built as a factory high performance car with many options. It is kind of odd that its a high option car yet the original owner decided he did not want power steering or power brakes yet he ordered air conditioning. Not likely many of these cars were built like this one.

N85 Tachometer
A21 AM/FM Radio - Solid State 5.5-Watt
V7X Logitudinal Paint Accent Stripes - Black
J25 3-Speed Windshield Wipers - Variable
L31 Turn Signal Light - Hood/Fender
M21 Drip Rail Mouldings
M25 Body Sill Mouldings
M31 Body Belt Mouldings
C16 Console with Woodgrain Panel
C55 Bucket Seats
G11 Tinted Glass - All Windows
G31 Right Hand Outside Mirror - Manual/Chrome
G33 Left Hand Outside Mirror - Remote/Chrome
H51 Air Conditioning with Front Heater
A01 Light Package - Glove Box Lock, Map/Courtesy Lamp, Reading and Dome Lap, Glove Box Lamp, Ash Receiver Lamp, Cargo Compartment Lamp, Trunk Compartment Lamp, Hood/Fender Turn Signal Lites, Ignition Switch Lamp with Timer, Headlamp-on Buzzer
A06 Sport Group - Rallye Instrument Cluster[Includes Trip Odometer, 150 MPH Speedometer, Woodgrain Instrument Panel], Body Sill Mouldings, Sports Steering Wheel
A53 Formula S Package - 340 4BBL Engine [383 4BBL Engine Optional] Dual Exhaust System with Chrome Tips, Rallye Suspension, Firm Ride Shocks, 14" Red Sidewall Tires, 14" x 5.5" HD Wheels, Rear Deck Applique, Black Grille, Engine Identification Plaque
A62 Rallye Instrument Cluster - Trip Odometer, 150 MPH Speedometer, Instrument Panel Woodgrain, Tachometer, Clock, Fuel, Oil, and Temperature Guages, Ammeter, 3-Speed Variable Wipers
A86 Interior Decor Group - Vinyl Trim, Rear Armrest/Ashtray, Fold Down Rear Seat Back, Pedal Dress Up, Door Map Pouches, Woodgrain Door and Quarter Trim Panels, Rear Compartment Wheelhouse Carpet
B41 Front Disc Brakes with Standard 10" Rear Drum
E55 340 CID 8 CYL 1-4BBL 275 hp
D32 3-Spd Automatic Transmission - A727
211 Production Date - 2/11/1969
F3 Paint Code - Frost Green Metallic
F8 Upper Door Frames - Dark Green
D6G Trim Grade - Deluxe
Trim Style - Vinyl Bucket Seats
Trim Color - Green
yyyyyy Order Number
xxxxxx Serial Number
P9B 340 4-BBL, 1969, Hamtrack MI
BH29 - Car Line Plymouth - Barracuda - 2 Door Sports Hardtop