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1988 Mustang LX Hatchback 2.3 Turbo 5 spd

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'88 Mustang LX
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This is my son's '88 Mustang LX. It was an original 2.3 4 cylinder automatic car from the factory. We bought it in the summer of 2009 with a blown transmission and badly faded and peeling paint. This turned into a major father/son project with a lot of challenges along the way. The picture to the right was taken after extensive work was done to the car including body work and paint, turbo engine swap, 5 speed conversion, lowering springs, heavy duty rear axle upgrande, all new brakes, and much much more. For more details on the project click on the links to the left.


The following modifications have been done to this car:

As a result of the above modifications we have taken this car from a slow 88 horse power automatic transmission car to a very strong performer able to keep up with the V8s.