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1988 Mustang LX Convertible

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5.0 LX Convertible
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This is my '88 Mustang LX Convertible. I bought this car new in the November of 1987. It had 5 miles on it when I pulled it off the lot. I did not order the car, the dealer had it in inventory. It was the only convertible they had because winter was arriving. Today the car has around 48,000 miles. The paint, top, and interior are all original and its never been wrecked. It still runs and drives as well as it did back in the day.

Factory Options

This mustang came from the factory with the following options:

NOTE: This car did not come equipped with cruise control.

When the LX Mustang's were equipped with the 5.0L engine package they got all the performance components of the Mustang GT. But the LX Mustangs were lighter which made them faster. They were cheaper to insure because they were not GTs. Plus I like the look of the cleaner LX body lines.


While I consider this Mustang all stock there are a few minor modifications done to the car as follows:

The car still retains all stock exhaust system components including the stock mufflers and catalytic converters. And the rear still has the original 3:08 gears. At one time I ran a Ford Motorsports 2 1/4" off road h-pipe which I still have in storage. I have also had the front brake rotors turned and put on new pads; rotors were warped early in the cars life. Coolant has been flushed a couple times too.